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How To Care For Your Microfiber - Redline Finish

How To Care For Your Microfiber

We know the benefits of adding high quality microfiber towels to our detailing program (if you would like to learn more about microfiber please read our article on Understanding Microfiber but how you care for them is just as important to maximize their performance and life span.

The integrity of the microfiber is extended when a proper care sequence is followed to clean and rejuvenate the microfiber after each use. Below is a 3-step process we recommend here at Redline Finish.


Before you put your microfiber towels in the wash be sure to separate them based on their use. For example, group the microfiber drying towels separate from the microfiber towels used to wipe down the interior, door jambs, under the hood, etc. Don't mix them.

  • Detergent - A dye and perfume free laundry detergent in liquid form only should be used when washing your microfiber towels. DO NOT use a granular based detergent; if the powder detergent does not fully dissolve it will be stuck within the microfiber and is likely to scratch the surface of the vehicle! Also, DO NOT use fabric softener as it will create streaking when used over your vehicle's paint surface.
  • Water Temperature - The temperature of the water when washing your microfiber is key to help break up dirt and aid in the removal of the grime and chemicals in the microfiber. It is recommended that you use warm water when washing your microfiber towels.
  • Rinsing - Rinsing is an important step in the wash cycle. If your washing machine has an extra rinse cycle we recommend using it to remove any remaining detergent.


Now that your microfiber towels have been washed properly, it is time to dry and there are two ways to go about this process:

  • Line Dry - Microfiber dries relatively quickly so hanging your microfiber on a line or over a towel bar is sufficient. One word of caution: when line drying, do not hang your microfiber towels outside. Although they will dry nicely, they are also likely to pickup particles blowing in the air so it is strongly recommended to line dry them inside where they will stay free from dirt and dust.
  • Dryer - When using a dryer it is strongly recommended to use low heat setting only as high heat can breakdown the microfiber.


Microfiber naturally attracts dust particles so how you store your product (especially your microfiber drying towels) is important to make sure they are free from dust and debris.

It is strongly recommended that you store them in a ziplock type bag or a closed container. However,  DO NOT store wet or damp microfiber towels. The towels must be completely dry. It is also recommended that the container is breathable and if you use a ziplock style bag, punch a small hole in the corner of the bag so it can breathe.

Redline Finish - The One Ultimate Microfiber Drying Towel

When you purchase a premium/professional grade microfiber car drying towel like The "One" Ultimate Drying Towel it's important to take care of them so they perform their best time and time again. Follow the simple steps outlined above so your microfiber towels can achieve their best!

As noted in the beginning of this article if you would like to learn more about microfiber, please check out our article on Understanding Microfiber.


Check out the Redline Finish store by clicking here. 

 We hope your detailing experience is amazing



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