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Redline Finish was founded for one simple reason; create an amazing experience for the detailing fanatic. We accomplish this by narrowing our focus to the core of detailing: washing, drying, and finishing.

Our focus provides each product we bring to market the attention it deserves so quality is top-shelf, performance extremely high, and the experience amazing.

Mike, the founder, is a professionally licensed engineer with a deep passion for cars and detailing. Simply put- Mike is a car and detailing fanatic! He’s been detailing cars and trucks for over 30 years. As a teen, most weekends you could find him detailing his car and his friends’ cars, meticulous at every step.

Mike spent quite a bit of time customizing vehicles and hanging around body shops during his teens and twenties. Through these experiences he met, learned from and worked with great people. The same relationship and value-add focus he delivers to the Redline Finish community. He also learned the intricate work and importance of prep that goes into a great paint finish in those body shops. His time using a sanding block and doing the important hard work up-front to produce great results carry over to his commitment to every Redline Finish product.


In todays detailing market, there are a lot of products that look and perform like an afterthought. Simply put, the result is poor quality, little performance, and a lackluster experience. As detailing fanatics, we couldn’t sit back and continue to let this happen so we decided to step in and focus on what detailing is all about; an amazing experience and feeling good about the outcomes we create. We know the outcome represents who we are so we always strive for the best and Redline Finish is no different, that’s the common thread we share with you.

“We’re here to create an amazing experience for the detailing fanatic.”


When we are not working to develop better products for detailing fanatics everywhere or detailing our rides, you can find us spending quality time with our family and friends. Most weekends involve kids hockey or football games. Squeezing in a little track time is always on the list too! From motocross, to the Indy 500, to road racing, off-road racing, to RC car racing…if it has wheels we love it!
Redline Finish started from a lifelong passion occupying nights and weekends and endless conversations. It has evolved into a growing and loved legacy brand. With decades of experience as the foundation, and a love for cars and those who are fanatical about them. The goal is to create a brand and community which will last for decades to come. We hope you will join the growing extended family.

Our Pledge to You:

Give the products we bring to market the attention to detail they deserve so the quality is top shelf, performance is extremely high, and the experience they create for you, the detailing fanatic is amazing!


Honesty | Integrity | Dependability

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