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  • TOP SHELF QUALITY - Simply put, The Ace Ultimate Microfiber Wheel Wash Mitt is all about results. It consists of the finest microfiber in the industry specifically designed for wheel washing
  • UNIQUE MICROFIBER BLEND - We use a special microfiber blend which results in faster and effective wheel washing
  • FASTER AND EASIER WASHING - This premium microfiber wheel wash mitt makes wheel washing faster and easier. It has more surface area to make contact with your wheels than a traditional wheel brush ever could
  • SCRATCH FREE WASHING - You wouldn't use a traditional brush on your paint so why would you use one on your wheels? Give them the love they deserve using our premium microfiber wash mitt


  • Designed in the USA

  • Microfiber specifically designed for wheel washing

  • Top shelf Korean Microfiber quality


  • Faster washing

  • Easier washing

  • Efficient washing

  • Scratch free washing


THE “ACE” ULTIMATE WHEEL WASH MITT is our Flagship Microfiber Wheel Wash Mitt that has been Designed in the USA. This microfiber wash mitt makes washing your wheels super easy and effective. Once again we used the best Korean Microfiber in the industry for wheel washing. It is the perfect addition to your wheel brushes for washing the face of your wheels.

  • Wash the premium microfiber wheel wash mitt in warm water
  • Use a perfume & dye free liquid laundry soap
  • Rinse mitt throughly in warm water to remove all soap prior to drying Line dry


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