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Redline Finish

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  • TOP SHELF QUALITY - This small microfiber car drying towel consist of the same quality and performance you have grown to love from our extra large microfiber car drying towel The “ONE” Ultimate Car Drying Towel. It consists of the finest microfiber in the industry to achieve maximum water absorbing and streak free drying
  • PERFECT FOR DRYING SMALL SPACES - The "Finisher" is the perfect small microfiber car drying towel for drying small spaces, jambs, and wheels. It is one of our favorites for exterior care products
  • SWIRL AND SCRATCH FREE DRYING - This ultra soft microfiber car drying towel can be used on the most delicate paint surfaces without scratching
  • STREAK FREE DRYING - The combination of the twist microfiber technology, long pile, and microfiber edging prevents streaking and wicks away the water in a single pass
  • ENGINEERED FOR RESULTS - We took the time to develop this premium small microfiber car drying towel to make drying those wheels, small spaces, and jambs fast and effective creating a better experience for you. Get the best car drying towel to dry small spaces, wheels, and jambs today!

    Our small microfiber car drying towel is perfect for drying wheels, small spaces, and jambs. It has been Designed in the USA. We saw a need to develop the best car drying towel to get into those small spaces while being perfect for drying wheels. Although its small in size it is big on results!  This small premium microfiber car drying towel measures 15” x 15", comes in at 550 GSM, and uses the finest Korean Microfiber in the industry at a 70/30 blend (Polyester/Polyamide). It is Extremely Absorbent as it wicks away the water in a single pass. Typically, nylon or silk edging is used, however both can scratch the paint’s surface. To avoid this, we use ultra soft microfiber edging for the safest and best quality and performance.

    If you are a detailing fanatic like we are or a weekend warrior that is meticulous about every step in the detailing process you understand the importance of only using top shelf quality & performance car detailing products especially when it comes to drying towels fo cars.

    Looking for the best car drying towel that is extra large to dry the body of your car, truck, or boat? Check out the Redline Finish The "ONE" Ultimate Microfiber Car Drying Towel .

    • First two washes of this small microfiber car drying towel should be completed by hand in warm water to remove remaining dye
    • Use a perfume & dye free liquid laundry soap (do not use fabric softener)
    • Rinse the premium microfiber ca drying towel thoroughly to remove all soap
    • Line dry or machine dry completely on low heat setting only
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