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Redline Finish

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  • TOP SHELF QUALITY - Simply put our microfiber car wash mitt consists of the finest Korean Microfiber in the industry creating an amazing washing experience 
  • UNIQUE MICROFIBER BLEND - We use a unique premium microfiber blend with our car wash mitt which results in ultra soft and scratch free car washing on the most delicate paint surfaces
  • INTEGRATED HAND LOCK - Tired of your hand sliding around in your wash mitt? We are too so we have fixed that problem with our integrated hand lock which results in fast and effective washing instead of slow and clumsy washing
  • ENGINEERED FOR RESULTS - We took the time to develop this microfiber wash mitt so its safe for all paint surfaces and to give you a better washing experience making it the best car wash mitt on the market today

    Our premium microfiber car wash mitt has been designed in the USA. This microfiber car wash mitt has been engineered with an integrated hand lock to prevent the wash mitt from sliding around on your hand so your car washing is fast and effective instead of slow and clumsy. We use a specific liner in our microfiber car wash mitt that helps maximize the amount of soapy suds it holds which adds good lubrication between the microfiber wash mitt and the paint surface for scratch free washing.

    Once again, we used the finest Korean Microfiber in the industry for a car washing experience like no other. The 93% Polyester and 7% Viscose premium microfiber blend creates a silky smooth glide across the paints surface for swirl and scratch free car washing making it the best car wash mitt on the market today. Put The "BOSS" to work this weekend and enjoy washing your car, truck, or boat.

    If you are a detailing fanatic like we are or a weekend warrior that is meticulous about every step in the detailing process you understand the importance of only using top shelf quality & performance car detailing products like The “BOSS” Ultimate Microfiber Car Wash Mitt.

    Prefer a car wash pad? Check out The Redline Finish The "Boss" Ultimate Microfiber Wash Pad

    • Wash the premium microfiber car wash mitt in warm water
    • Use a perfume & dye free liquid laundry soap (do not use fabric softener) Rinse mitt throughly in warm water to remove all soap prior to drying
    • Line dry or machine dry completely on low heat setting only
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