The ‘Finisher’ Ultimate Microfiber Detail Drying Towel

When we went to the design table on this smaller (15in x 15in) microfiber drying towel, we incorporated feedback from our community of detailing fanatics on what they wanted to see in The “Finisher” Ultimate Detail Drying Towel. From their feedback and our extensive research & development we bring you another top-shelf quality drying towel to quickly and easily dry wheels, door jambs, small spaces. This small drying towel uses the same top-shelf quality microfiber as The “ONE” Ultimate Drying Towel coming in at an incredibly soft and absorbent 550 GSM, 70/30 Polyester and Polyamide blend. We chose a dark grey color due to the areas of the primary tasks it conquers. It can also be used on paint and glass surfaces. This microfiber drying towel comes in a 15 x 15-in size for easy-handling and effective and efficient drying of small areas. The intial reviews have been great and we are sure you will feel the same way.

The Finisher Ultimate Detail Drying Towel drying wheels


  • Perfect for wheels
  • Dry door jambs and small spaces
  • Faster drying
  • Easier drying
  • Streak and scratch-free drying


The Finisher Ultimate Detail Drying Towel drying door jambs

  • Designed in the USA
  • Perfect 15″ X 15″ size
  • 70/30 Blend
  • 550 GSM
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Premium Korean Microfiber
  • Soft microfiber edging


If you are meticulous about every step in the detail process like we are then you know the importance of having an extra large microfiber drying towel like The “ONE”Ultimate Drying Towel to dry the body of your car or truck and a small detail drying towel like The “Finisher” Ultimate Detail Drying Towel for easy-handling to get into those small spaces.

Redline Finish - The Perfect Small Drying Towel

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