The ‘Boss’ Ultimate Microfiber Wash Mitt

The ‘Boss’ Ultimate Wash Mitt is our flagship microfiber wash mitt that has been Designed in the USA. This microfiber wash mitt is ultra soft and makes washing your vehicle a breeze with its integrated hand lock. Once again, we used the best Korean Microfiber in the industry for a car washing experience like no other. The 93-percent Polyester and 7-percent Viscose premium microfiber blend creates a silky smooth glide across the paints surface for a swirl and scratch free car wash. Put The “BOSS” to work using the two bucket car wash method for scratch and swirl free washing!

Redline Finish Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt

Wash Mitt Benefits

  • Faster easier washing
  • Efficient washing
  • Scratch-free washing


Redline Finish - Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt



Wash Mitt Features

  • Designed in the USA
  • 11×16 in
  • Integrated hand-lock
  • Specially engineered microfiber blend
  • 93% Polyester and 7% Viscose
  • Korean microfiber (world’s best)

If you are a detailing fanatic like we are or a weekend warrior who is meticulous about every step in the detailing process you understand the importance of only using top shelf quality & performance car care products, especially when it comes to microfiber wash mitts like The “Boss” Ultimate Microfiber Wash Mitt.Redline Finish - Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt


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