A Forgotten Detailing Classic

Today all the talk is about ceramic coatings due to its level of protection, durability, and lifespan. It certainly has its place in the auto detailing industry; however, there is a forgotten detailing classic that adds depth and gloss like no other. What is this product?

It has been around since the 1920s, we believe, and is known as Glaze. It is typically used by car collectors, cars getting ready for a show, and cars being auctioned at events like Barrett Jackson.  What is it about a Glaze that yields amazing results on your paint’s finish and at what stage of the detailing process should it be applied? We will break it down for you here:

Redline Finish - How to use detailing clay

What Is Glaze?

In very simple terms a Glaze is an oily based liquid that has the ability to fill in minor paint imperfections and hide minor swirls in the paint.

Benefits Of A Glaze

The benefit of applying a glaze to your paint’s finish is not only the minor imperfections it hides but the unbelievable amount of depth and gloss it can add. The results can be stunning!

Is There A Down Side To Glaze?

As amazing as a Glaze is, there are a few things you need to know about it. The depth and gloss it adds are short term.  More importantly, a Glaze will not provide any protection to your paint.

How To Maximize The Results Of A Glaze

We know the pluses and minuses of a Glaze, but how do you maximize the results? Like anything, the best results are generated from great prep work and using a Glaze is no different. Below is a multi-step process that can be used to achieve amazing results. If your vehicle’s paint finish is already in great shape you may be able to go straight to the Glaze after a fresh wash.

Redline Finish - How to use detailing glaze

  1. Start with a fresh wash (for tips and tricks check out our article on Washing and Drying) and then clay the vehicle to remove contaminants on the paint surface.
  2. Apply a single or dual stage polish (depending upon the level of paint correcting needed) to eliminate swirls in the finish.
  3. Apply the Glaze by hand or machine. You can apply 2-3 times if desired to squeeze out a little more depth and gloss to the paint.
  4. Once the Glaze has been applied and removed, go over the top of it with a high quality wax or sealant for protection.

One of the original Glazes on the market is Meguiars Mirror Glaze #7 Show Car Glaze. Give it a try. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

We hope we have shined some light on this forgotten classic and how it will add value to you and to your paint’s finish.  We love a process you can follow to maximize results.

We hope your detailing experience is amazing. Have a great day!

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