Quality: Is It Worth The Price?

We hear the word quality almost daily but what does it mean and what impact does it have in the detailing world?

We think Benjamin Franklin said it best, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” 

Think about what that statement means. When we purchase a product based on the low price instead of the quality and value it truly brings, the only thing that remains in our mind is how poorly it performs. Or even worse, the bad experience it created. It really leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

In the world of detailing using high quality products is everything. The quality of the detailing products defines your experience and outcome. At some point along the way we have all tried to save a few bucks and buy cheap detailing products only to quickly realize we made a big mistake. Was it the mess it made on or in our vehicle? Was it the scratching of the paints’ surface? In the long run it always ends up costing you more than if you purchased high quality detailing products in the first place. Over the years we have seen interiors ruined, paint surfaces scratched, paid hundreds to over a thousand dollars to a professional detailer to correct the problem. All this to save a few bucks. Is it really worth the risk? We think not!

At Redline Finish, product quality, performance, and your detailing experience is everything to us.Redline Finish microfiber drying towel performs as good as it looks

The next time you go buy your detailing products save the headache (and money) and buy high quality products out of the gate and get the results and experience you deserve.

We hope your detailing experience is amazing!



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