Are You A Detailing Fanatic?

We thought we would have some fun with this blog post and talk about the Detailing Fanatic!

A Fanatic can be defined as someone who is deeply passionate about something and  show extreme enthusiasm while doing it.  Some people may even consider it as obsessive behavior…we all know that one person! If you are a detailing fanatic, like we are, then this all makes complete sense.

Characteristics of A Detailing Fanatic

  • Obsessed about keeping their vehicle spotless inside and out
  • It’s not uncommon for them to spend a full day detailing
  • A layer of dust means it’s time to wash
  • They tell their wives (or husbands) stay away from their detailing supplies
  • They forget to wash and fold their cloths but their microfiber towels are always pristine and folded
  • They see a scuff on the paint and they stop everything to buff it out
  • They constantly look down the lines of their vehicle in good light to make sure there are no scuffs, scratches, or door dings
  • They don’t just dry the outside, they dry the door jams, trunk jams and under the hood every time
  • They get nervous when someone gets to close to their vehicle
  • They are the people that park the furthest away in the parking lot
  • Their vehicle stays in the garage on a rainy day

Does any of this sound familiar to you? See a common thread? Is this you? Let us know your thoughts on the Detailing Fanatic!

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