Washing & Drying Tips

Washing and drying sure seems simple. We have all done it time and time again but there are some tips and tricks that help reduce the risk of scratching the paint finish. Here we will go through the ones we feel are the most beneficial.

The Right Tools For The Job

Foam Canon, Foam Gun, Bucket

  • Foam Cannon – Requires the use of a pressure washer and generates a ton of foam.
  • Foam Gun – Is connected to a garden house and generates a nice amount of foam.
  • Bucket – The classic, soap and water mixed the old fashion way.

Which option is best? A combination of a foam cannon/gun to foam your vehicle then using the 2 bucket wash method to safely remove the dirt and grime.

What To Look For In A Car Wash Soap

  • Lubrication –  Car wash soaps that have great lubricating characteristics helps reduce the chances of scratching your paint finish. A nice glide/low friction here is the goal.
  • PH Balance – A neutral PH balanced car wash soap is ideal.
  • Soap Suds – Soap suds will help aid in lifting away the dirt from the vehicle.

A quick note, stay away from dish soap as it is very aggressive and will strip away any wax you have on your paint finish, plus it will damage the paint over time.

Wash Mitts and Pads

This seems straight forward, however you would be amazed at the number of people we see using a terry cotton wash cloth or a foam sponge. The terry cotton wash cloth will scratch the paint surface as it does not have the same properties as microfiber and will rub the dirt/grit back into your paint finish. Redline Finish - Washing
As for a foam sponge, sure it may feel soft but they do not have a nap to lift the dirt and grime. Whether you choose a wash mitt or a wash pad is up to you but choose a high quality microfiber wash mitt or pad.


  • Start the process with rinsing the entire vehicle first. Apply your chosen wheel cleaner first and get them clean before you start washing the vehicles paint surface.Redline Finish car washing products
  • Once the wheels have been cleaned, start the wash process from the top down..you don’t want to start near the bottom only to have the dirt and grime brought back down the surface when you go above the section you just finished!
  • As noted above, good lubrication is key to help prevent scratching the paint surface. As a result, we recommend spraying or dunking your microfiber wash mitt or wash pad with the water and car wash soap solution. That way both the mitt and paint surface make a nice slippery glide while you wash paint surface.
  • Wash a panel at a time, especially in warmer weather as you don’t want the soap to dry on the paint surface (always wash in a cool dry place).
  • Even if you use a foam gun or cannon, we strongly recommend the two bucket wash method. One bucket with the car wash soap and water solution and the other bucket with clean water you can dunk your wash mitt or pad into and ring it out to keep it and your soap and water solution clean. This process helps eliminate the chances of scratching the paint surface.

Redline Finish - 1LE Camaro washing and detailing


The most frustrating thing someone can run into when drying their vehicle is scratching the paint surface and streaking. How do you prevent this?
Use a high quality microfiber drying towel like The “One” Ultimate Drying TowelUsing a high quality microfiber drying towel will save you time and frustration when drying.

  • Start the drying process working from the top down
  • Work a panel at a time
  • Let the microfiber drying towel do the work

Redline Finish - Premium Microfiber Drying Towel

Pro Tip: Applying a light mist of detail spray or drying aid before you dry your vehicle will provide a little lubrication for a nice glide while drying and add gloss to the paint finish in one easy step.

We hope this blog post on washing and drying adds value to you and your detailing experience. As the founder’s 90-year-old mother says, “Have a great day, it’s up to you!”


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